Dr. Kari Chappell, PT, DPT, FDNII

Injury and the potential of losing the community that she had come to love was what ultimately brought Dr. Kari to being a PT. Growing up, soccer was a huge part of Kari’s life and when she got hurt and ultimately returned to playing she knew that she had found what she wanted to do in her life.

After finishing PT school, Kari began working in “traditional” PT practices and soon was frustrated with the lack of time and outcomes that she was able to provide. Having been through PT before and knowing the mental side of wanting to get back to competing, she knew that others were in the same position and the traditional way of doing things wasn’t good enough.

Dr. Kari has been with T-Zero since 2019 and loves having the ability to work with people who have either been told they don’t have much hope of getting better or people who realize that their potential is greater than just simply getting out of pain.

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Client Testimonials for Dr. Kari

I was involved in a car accident that left me on a good amount of pain in my neck and back. I started physical therapy at T-Zero. I am so grateful for Kari, my physical therapist. My pain is gone and I am able to proceed with my regular activities. Kari is great therapist and I highly suggest her

Danielle J

These guys are incredible! Ive seen Kari for a few different injuries and each treatment was approached looking at my body/posture/movement as a whole instead of a cookie cutter treatment. Injuries healed quicker than with any of my other PT's. The care and attention you will receive is great! I highly recommend Kari to get you pain free and back to peak performance!

Jeanelle K

I contacted Kari at T-Zero Physio after I started having lower back pain and leg pain. She identified the issue and helped me walk through customized exercises and stretches that addressed the issue. I feel great. This is the place to contact if you are having pain!

Karla F

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