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At the end of the day, it's not about us...

Everything we do is about helping you reach your true potential.

We're here for people who believe they're capable of more. Many of our clients start with more traditional options in healthcare and are left without the results they desire. Many of them are told they can't get better, to quit the activities they love, or to accept the fact that they're "just getting older." Everything about our practice is set up to challenge the status quo and help you achieve the results you desire.


While many other practices are cutting the time spent with each client, we block 90 minutes for each evaluation and 60 minutes for follow up sessions working directly with your physical therapist. No aids, no sitting on stim or an exercise bike. We're committed to 1:1 dedicated time with each client.


Each of our therapists has an area of expertise that complements the other providers in the practice. Although each of our clients has their primary therapist, as a team we collaborate and brainstorm on many of our clients to assure they're getting the best possible care.


Our process of pain reduction, retraining, the big 5, and chaos all build upon each other to not just help you feel better in the short term but to solve the issue long term and empower you to take care of "hiccups" along the way.

Why the name "T-Zero?"

In the sport of triathlon, athletes swim, bike, and run. Between each of those disciplines there's a transition that athletes commonly refer to as "T1" and "T2." When Dr. Kevin DeGroot first started to dream of opening a physical therapy and sports performance practice the idea of "T-Zero" fit the mission and vision of what clients would experience- To reach the start line of their competition having prepared for success. As T-Zero has expended to include athletes and people from other sports and activities, the mission continues. No matter what your goals are, we want you to get to the start line and feel confident in your preparation and your body's capacity for success.

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About Us

T-Zero Physio was founded in 2016 with the belief that you're capable of more than traditional healthcare believes. No matter what goals you have, T-Zero helps you do the work necessary to be ready to compete, perform, and live to your potential.

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