Dr. Kevin DeGroot PT, DPT

Dr. Kevin started T-Zero Physio with the hope of preventing the unnecessary surgeries and reactionary healthcare he had been seeing elsewhere. Many clients that came to PT prior to surgery were there with the assumption that it was just to prove to insurance that surgery was necessary. Those that did believe they could get better believed that the best they could hope for was 90% of where they were before. After all... that's all insurance wants to cover!

Kevin started T-Zero Physio with the mission to work with people early on following their injuries and be proactive to not only get back to where they were before but provide them training tools and strategies to work towards true potential.

‍ As a former collegiate athlete, avid runner, golfer and triathlete, Kevin understands how important movement is for mental health and quality of life. His primary focus is on putting all the pieces of movement together and focusing on how each part of the body works collaboratively together if working properly. He doesn’t just focus on one area of the body in treating pain but focuses on understanding the full story and picture so that people can move efficiently throughout life.

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Client Testimonials for Dr. Kevin

I've had pretty serious knee complications every since college. In just my first session with Dr. Kevin, I felt educated, relieved, and confident moving forward. He was able to very accurately assess where my pain was coming from and all the different causes that played a role. We've been focusing on getting my whole body back into proper balance and taking unnecessary stresses off my knees. I should've made the decision to come to T-zero a long time ago! His complimentary diagnostic session was exactly what I needed to feel confident in the treatment and options moving forward, and I would recommend that to anyone looking for more information, as well as clearly explained options moving forward.

Jake M

Honestly, Kevin is great. I have had bad experiences with physical therapist. I can promise if you want to feel younger and feel better, get the ache and pains aways, go with Kevin. He listens and he gives you great advice on what to do as well as helps you with workouts that you can do at home. I could not balance on one of my legs for years because of multiple injuries and since I have been working with Kevin I can balance and do things I thought I could not do anymore. Go in with an open mind and a positive attitude and Kevin's T-Zero Physio will work.

Alexander A

I started a pretty active workout schedule about 6 months ago. A few months in, I started having shoulder and lower back pain. I wanted to keep working out, so I consulted with Dr. Kevin. He has been great. He came up with a plan, we discussed goals (including being able to continue my program while rehabbing) and I feel great now. I was able to stop the pain and actually increase to working out 6 days a week now. I highly recommend his practice. He got to the root of my problems. He didn't just treat the area that hurt. I feel really confident I know how to stay on top of my pain issues now. Thank you!!

Maria S

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T-Zero Physio was founded in 2016 with the belief that you're capable of more than traditional healthcare believes. No matter what goals you have, T-Zero helps you do the work necessary to be ready to compete, perform, and live to your potential.

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