Our Services all start with an in depth evaluation


We don't hope for success, we evaluate and plan for success.

No matter what experiences you've had with rehab and healthcare, our skilled therapists always start with a thorough evaluation so we're confident we're treating the correct thing. We take a full body approach to everything we do and evaluate through movement assessments (running analysis, bike fit analysis, rowing analysis, lifting mechanics).

Manual Therapy

Hands on techniques to help decrease symptoms and improve movement

We use a variety of hands on techniques including dry needling, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, deep tissue mobilization, joint manipulations, cupping, scraping, and others to decrease the irritation and pain and help you move better.


Increasing efficiency and improving resiliency through movement

We us a variety of types and styles of exercises to help retrain movement and habits and increase strength, power, mobility, endurance, and balance. Our practice is set up with all of the equipment of a well equipped gym.

Sports specific training

Coaching and exercises tailored specifically to your sports and athletic goals.

We have therapists that specialize in working with triathletes, runners, cyclists, golfers, rowing, and more!

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About Us

T-Zero Physio was founded in 2016 with the belief that you're capable of more than traditional healthcare believes. No matter what goals you have, T-Zero helps you do the work necessary to be ready to compete, perform, and live to your potential.

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