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Rehab and performance is not linear but there are some primary landmarks that need to be considered along the way. Many other clinics skip over steps or simply stop after symptoms are reduced and you end up caught in a roller coaster of feeling better only to start hurting again. Our goal is not simply to help you feel better but to make you as efficient and resilient as possible so you can approach each task, activity, or competition in your life with confidence.

1. Symptom Reduction

A body that feels better, moves better

We all want to feel better, but how do we do that and how do we make it sustainable and last? One of the primary responsibilities of your brain is to help keep you alive and prevent further damage and injury if it perceives threat. We utilize a variety of hands on techniques (including manual therapy, dry needling, manipulations, soft tissue mobilizations/massage and others) as well as exercise focused on pain reduction to re-establish to your brain and nervous system that things are "ok" and help reduce pain and inflammation. The goal of this phase is to focus on controlling variables enough that your body doesn't feel threatened so that you can maintain pain reduction as opposed to taking medications, doing surgery or injections and not actually fixing the underlying protective mechanism of your body.

2. Retraining

Train efficient, habitual movement

Once your body feels less threatened it's important to re-establish better patterns and habits that are more efficient and less threatening for your body. As humans, we can be incredibly effective at movement without being efficient which can be a huge waste of energy as well as lead to problems down the road. In this phase we're focused on consistent and efficient movement and helping you move without "thinking" through every step. Many people we see have been told how to move but then are in a state of constant struggle in how to think their way to better movement. We retrain movement through consistent and small steps that help you move better naturally as opposed to trying to force your way to changing movement patterns.

3. The Big 5

The 5 keys to resilience

In step one and two we're focused controlling variables to decrease symptoms and re-establish healthy habits. In this phase the focus is on consistent and progressive increases in variables to help improve Strength, Power, Mobility, Endurance, and Balance/Control. Strength is the body's ability to produce force. Power is the ability to produce force quickly and be able to be explosive. Mobility is the ability to handle the positions necessary for activities. Endurance is the ability to handle an activity for longer durations. Balance and Control is the ability to stabilize and control movements to be efficient. Each of these components put together, with specific focus on the activity you're trying to excel in helps you be resilient and perform to your best.

4. Chaos

Be ready for what life throws at you.

You don't go through physical therapy and rehab so that you feel better at the clinic, you go through it so that you can live your life without restrictions and limitations. One of the main things that holds people back is that they're never fully to the point that they are confident in movement. They're always a little hesitant and guarded in their approach to new tasks and activities as opposed to rehabilitating to the point that they're 100% confident in their body's ability to handle and perform with each task. An ideal outcome for us is not just pain reduction but for you to be confident approaching each task and challenge you face.

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