Dr. Shannon Merriman, PT, DPT

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what is going on. All your test results are normal.” That was a statement I heard several times through my time as an athlete in high school. As an avid runner, Dr. Shannon had to battle through frustrations and despair with injuries that either left her under-performing, or sidelined. Making sure other people did not go through a similar situation is what made her want to be a physical therapist.

‍ During grad school she was finally able to put a name to the pain that had plagued her throughout her high school running career. Beyond that, she began to learn about the pelvic floor and made connections to limitations and pains she had assumed were unique to her. When she realized she was not alone in her symptoms, a light bulb went off in her head. She knew that she wanted to help others with these symptoms and began gravitating towards a specialization in pelvic floor dysfunction.

‍ Her own personal journey with pelvic floor physical therapy as a specialty has been woven with her own personal experiences. Her goal is to continue to seek answers, and not just accept symptoms as normal, despite how common they may be. As a mom of 2, and also an ultra runner, she can understand how hard it can be to get back to doing the things you love and sees the work she does as the missing piece for many who are looking for answers.

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Client Testimonials for Dr. Shannon

I followed my PT Shannon when she came to this location. She is amazing at what’s she does. I have worked with her for a few years, my injury took a lot of time to work through. I continue to go to see her because being at this location allows her to help me in more ways than traditionally she was able to. She listens to me each time and really helps break down and explain what is happening and how we work together to get me to improve and work through pain and discomfort.

As far as the space goes, I really enjoy going there. My PT has her own private space to work with me but when it comes to exercises can bring me to the work out area and walk me through step by step the do’s and don’t s. Easy to find and get to.

Scott C

Working with Shannon has been incredible. After having two kids, my body needed some help calming down and increasing strength. Shannon is so knowledgable and makes the process comfortable.

Hannah D.

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